I think the main disequilibrium of this issue is that the conflict between secularismists and Islamists because like what we see in the interview at the news, many Egyptian voters are hesitating with the problem of whom to vote. The candidates of secularism and Islamism have quite different way to think, and Islamism has more supporters then secularism. Moreover, if the Islamists win in this vote, whole country will be Islamized. Islamists emphasize the conscience into one’s mind, and stake all things on it. However, Egypt is just a small nation which maintains its people by the income from tourism. Islamists urge that Egypt has to pursuit economic nationalism, so that they oppose to allow the existence of interests in economical actions in the country, they oppose sales of public enterprises, and they tend to resist to the opinion of U.S. The resolution could be made it there made some harmony between two sides. Also, all candidates have to have their own thinking and opinion without relation whether they are secularismists or Islamists.


Digivolution tree of Agumon – one SAT style paragraph

Digivolution tree of Agumon

Usually, a digimon has fixed digivoltion tree.
Digitama – Fresh(Baby I) – In-training(Baby II) – Rookie(Child) (-most Digimon keep their appearance in this stage) – Champion(Adult) –Ultimate(Perfect) – Mega – Super Ultimate and further.

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If I were an important person who controls the congression – edited

I want to let the Korean National Assembly to do two important things if I have power that is enough to control them.

Above all, I would let them reduce the fixed number of each class of every elementary school, middle school, and high school so that Korean children can receive education with higher quality and also more occupation could be made. Historically, to achieve the great innovation of Han river in Korea, people in my nation worked really hard to make their disrupted world revive. They thought that the education is the most important thing to increase their country’s competitive power, so made highly competitive society in Korea. Indeed, the plan worked very well. Juvenile put a large amont of information into their head, and became succeed adult with those knowledge. But now, many people think that too tied education would not good for students to work for their dream. Even though the Korean society became affluent, adults coerce children to memorize more information because they had experienced the power of pouring-education, they want their kids to succeed by following their old method. This caused many effects on Korean society, both positive and negative. If the government let teachers observe their students’ personal relationship in his or her class more interestingly by reducing the fixed-number of classes in school, then students could get more attention from their teachers and learn more about techniques of living life such as leadership and communication skills. Moreover, classes with less number of students would make ‘real education’ possible. Students would focus on the lesson deeper and would try to participate in the class activity because there are only a few students in the class, so he or she might want to study and try to get a good score. With the aspect of current education, students would keep thinking that Korean schools are like prisons and would lose their interest on studing. Juvenile make our future, and education makes them.

Secondly, I want to let them remove the poverty. Because there were high level of competition in Korean society, people who lost from the competition naturally became poor. The struggle made Korean society not only rich, but also poor, and now, the day when the rich have to give their hand to the poor, the gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger. The genuine revolution must be occured to make the real equality in this society, and equality is one of the main elements of the democracy. The essential thing to give the fair starting point to everyone born in Korea is removing poverty. The actual methods for this requirement are two. First, we can charge more tax on the rich, so that the poor can receive money from them by getting life supporting money from government. Now in Korea, the poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer. Lessening the gap between classes of wealth could be done by this method. Also, we could develop and activate the contributing system of our society. Upper classes could give some part of their wealth to the poor by donating. This method is voluntary, so it could make Korean society which was coolen by the high extent of competition warmer.

Hello world!

金 相 佑  (김 상 우) – means ‘help each other’

I could feel my parents’ love of me

that they want me to be a person who contributes his passion to the world.

Actually, when my parents were fallen in love and tried to marry, my father’s parents didn’t allow to do so.

However, the miracle was occured during that crisis. I was born.

At first, my fatherside grandpa didn’t make a name for me.

So my mother called me ‘飛 鳳 (비 봉) ; which means ‘the flying pheonix’ ‘

Several years later, I growed up to a curious little boy,

and after my fatherside grandparents met me, they agreed to the marriage of my parents.

So my family’s made, parent’s dream’s made, the fight’s disappeared, the miracle’s made.


King Jeongjo’s march

came in front of a woman

He bowed to her

and suddenly she woke up.

A boy with less breath

named be bong was born

He ended the fight

so friendly family was made

The birth of flying pheonix

The miracle of one family