Topic: Does familiarity prevent people from developing or maintaining respect for others?


2012 11 26

10b2 Kim sangwoo

 The preponderance of struggle between imagination and reality has manifested itself throughout society and in life. It is really difficult for us to respect people who are familiar to us, and we truly respect only people whom we do not know. Put differently, familiarity certainly prevents people from maintaining respect for others.

 There is no doubt that the power of imagination and expectation is extremely stronger to move one’s mind and thoughts, and familiarity prevents people from making expectation about someone. I, for example, truly respected the headmaster of my middle school before I passed entering interview of KMLA. As I listened to the speech that my school’s headmaster gave every Monday, I truly respect him as a leader of my middle school and all the teachers in the school. His voice was sweet, deep, and powerful. I made a great deal of imagination about how he acts and talk in his everyday lives. I thought, he may always consider for all the students in his school, and think about how he develop the quality of education for students. However, all of those expectations broke up at the moment I met him after I passed the entering interview of KMLA. His words were not that much respectful nor shiny. But, I found him driving after his dignity and status, by talking to him for a while. His way of speaking revealed his genuine interests. As a result, the familiarity between me and my headmaster kept me from maintaining respect for him.

 The absence of information might cause more plentiful imagination. Take note of Fermat, who is one of highly respected mathematicians nowadays. After I noticed he lived his life totally like a gambler, I found myself wondering about his genuine personality. As a result, I lost my admiration toward Fermat because I got new information about his life and got closer to him.

 On the other hand, one could argue that if a person truly has a respectable mind and attitude, then familiarity with the person might not give any effects to one’s admiration of the person. But one certainly wonders how much would one disappoint with the respected person if the one had too much expectation about him or her. There is no limitation in one’s imagination after all.

 In conclusion, several examples of mine clearly demonstrates that imagination about one’s genuine personality may keep one from developing admiration for a person, if one gets familiar to the person and the true nature of the person is disclosed. People who are respected very much until today are the ones who interested in getting far from publics, like Fermat.


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