Argumentative Essay 2

Israel must forsake their desire to attack Iran


121018 Kim sangwoo


The international circumstances are uncommon. One small state that was built up less than 100 years ago tries to make the whole world to have another world war ahead. The little state is called ‘Israel’, which is the only Jewish country in the middle-east. Historically, Israel has been struggled to survive among Muslim countries by lots of means. It invaded marginal states plenty of times, raised several territorial disputes over many other Islamic countries, and triggered the Middle East war four times. As a result, Israel could almost reach the goal – consolidating the foundation itself. However, what Israel pushes ahead this time is never making sense and would never provide any benefits to it; Israel plans to attack Iran in order to keep them from researching nuclear program.

As you could see, Israel’s proclaimed basis and goal of attacking Iran is not logically proper at all. What Israeli say is that the nuclear research of Iran is threatening Israel in the side of security. Nevertheless, if you concentrate on the precondition of this situation, you would find that Israel already possesses nuclear weapons with the strongest military power in the Middle East. Even though the United States generally restrains the countries which tries to develop nuclear weapon technology, Israeli have not been halted, and still utilize the weapons to survive among Muslim nations. In this context, Israel doesn’t have any just cause to assault Iran, since Israel’s movement is interpreted as no more than an ‘international ostentation and emphasis of their power’ with the second hand’s eyes. Even the United States of America disagrees with scheme of Israel. As example of World War II, the U.S., which has the most enormous and extensive weapon market, would produce their profit by selling huge amount of war material on the pretext of maintaining neutrality. If Israel goes to war with their current grounds, they would never achieve their purpose of fight, but only would fill powerful nation’s belly with numerous soldier’s blood.

In addition, Israel’s attack to Iran is the action of shifting responsibilities of future of the world totally to all the other countries. In current situation, Iran inexorably has to carry forward their research on nuclear weapons, since it is the last means of survival to them in the threat of Israel holding nukes. If Israel attacks Iran, Iran might rather attempt to develop their technology more quickly in order to protect itself from the assault, prepare for the upcoming war, and would desperately seek for countries which could become their allies. Even if U.S keeps their side in the middle of two countries, the war involving enormous loss would arise and whole world would have to cost it. The cost might be too big. All nations would be compelled to participate in the war, a huge amount of people who have completely different race, culture and nationality would fight each other without any cognition of their war’s purpose, and most of the soldiers would end their lives triggering meaningless bullets toward their enemy. Yet, the situation would be irrevocable.

Some people say Israel has to carry out the military action on Iran. They argues that if Israel does not go through with attack, Iran would continuously progress researches on nuclear weapons, and that might become a huge menace to the international society. However, we cannot beg the question that Iran is trying to seize the power with their nukes, and that Israel would be on justice’s side. Nobody knows, Israel may use mutual rancor between them and other Middle East countries to grab the power in Mideast area. It may be better to leave this matter which powerful countries have to solve. We cannot even predict whether Israel’s preemptive attack would bring about more tragedy than Israel’s abandonment of attack, or not. Decision of U.S. brought disastrous death of numerous, innocent Japanese citizens.

In conclusion, Israel has to make a wise decision by considering what I’ve mentioned. Above all, Israel must argue more reasonable grounds of their attack, to prevent meaningless deaths of guiltless people. Next, Israel has to develop their capability up to the degree that they could take the consequences of the war, so that they won’t impute it to all countries on Earth; if they are about to decide their attack. The only clear thing in current conditions is that, Israel must be judicious and be determined to the ramification.


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