Argumentative Essay 1

Topic Serious sex offenders, particularly those who prey on little children, should be chemically castrated or turned into eunuchs.


121018 Kim sang woo


One little girl, who was peacefully sleeping next to her siblings and parents, lost her bright future and was thrown to the hell not long after few hours. She was raped and violated by a 25-year-old man who was exceedingly drunken. According to investigation of police, he held up her with coverlet and brought to the place under the bridge to commit his outrageous crime. However, the judgment of the court is not that harsh, considering opinion of human right protection group which argues the council has to be respectful of the criminal’s human right. While I believe the supreme court of Republic of Korea has to increase the magnitude of punishment for the sexual offenders, even more than giving chemical castration.

Chemical castration is a way to decrease sexual desire of a sex offender by giving injection every three months. The drug that is used for chemical castration is cyproterone acetate, which could cause some side effects such as reduced body hairs, loss of muscular mass, and other feminizing effects. Humanitarian groups are arguing that these adverse side health effects violate a sex offender’s right to procreate. They claim that this method is the same with human guinea pig experimentation that was used during the world war, intended for colony people. However, the purpose of castration is to punish criminals and prevent additional crimes that would be committed later. It is neither the physical castration that absolutely violates human right, nor the death penalty that could make our society more danger. The effects of chemical castration on human body are scientifically proved, so it is compiled from authentic sources, and also is free from dangerous situations. The purpose of the chemical castration is not to examine the effects of the drugs that are used, but to punish criminals and prevent additional crimes that would be committed later.

There are exact reasons why the offenders have to be chemically castrated. First, if we think in a perspective of ethical side, they deserve to be chemically castrated. They snatched one’s entire life which could never be returned, and the court is giving them a very light, nothing serious punishment. 4 year imprisonment! The victim would bring crimson wound on its heart and body forever, not for a little while. If the victim is died by the criminal, then the bitter pain would be laid on its parents, siblings, and friends’ heart, forevermore. Would the criminals genuinely regret their sin by spending their time less than 4 years in affluent comfortable prison? It totally doesn’t make any sense. I agree with the argument of the opposite side. If the court gives them the death penalty or something more painful than that, it is the violence of the human rights. It is correct. However, when it comes to chemical castration, which is totally safe from additional disease, I believe it is strongly appropriate as a punishment for the sexual offenders. They have to be punished powerfully, so that they could truly regret themselves.

Moreover, chemical castrating is a kind of therapy for the offenders, which could help them to control their sexual desire more easily. According to the previous experiment that was conducted by national medical laboratory, receiving the drugs of chemical castration could reduce one’s sex drive, compulsive sexual fantasies, and capacity for sexual arousal. If we consider the inferential statistics that includes a correlation between chemical castration and percentage of control for offenders’ sexual desire, which has been inferred by Oregon, U.S., we could clearly see the fact – chemical castration is perfectly effective for controlling sex offenders’ mental illnesses. The percentage of castrated offenders’ second conviction was zero percent, while usual offenders’ was about 20 percent. Also, the ratio of the normal sex offenders who violated sexual compliance law again was over 20 percent, but only 1 percent of chemically castrated offenders broke the law. This fact shows us that chemical castration not only helps sex offenders to increase their controlling ability of their insane sexual desire, but also prevent additional crimes that could be committed after they get out of the prison. It is the only way for a sexual offender to be a normal person and start its new life, the only way for giving respect to the human right of it, and the only way to recover this sexually-contaminated society.

Where is the human right? Do we have to be generous to a beast who threw one innocent girl to eternal pain? We have to increase the magnitude of punishment for the sexual offenders, to chemical castration and even more, in order to prevent following sexual crimes and promote public peace. Thus, I strongly assert that the supreme court of Republic of Korea must induct the chemical castrating punishment for punishing sexual offenders, so that we would take care of our children, our healthy society, and our nation’s bright future.


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