The revision of my letter to the congress (replacement of the essay about the first CNN news)

Revision – What I want to say to the Korean National Assembly


I want to let the congress to do two important things if I have power that is enough to control them.

Above all, I want the congress to reduce the fixed number of each classes of every elementary school, middle school, and high school so that Korean students would receive education with higher quality. Then, more occupation in schools would solve the problem of unemployment in Korea. The teachers would pay more attention on their students’ anecdotal relationship in the classes, so students would be able to get more interests and concerns from their teachers. Actually, some people think that this would give some bad effects on our students because it would suppress freedom of the students’ lives, but I believe the teachers in this current society (which becomes selfish or egocentric) have to concentrate on their students’ social interaction in their classes.  In Addition, less student-classes would make the ‘real education’ possible in Korea. Students would be able to focus on teachers’ lectures deeper and try to participate in the class activity if there’s less students in one unit of class. You might ask a question that ‘would less students around a student make him or her more concentrate on study?’ My answer is YES. There are several researches about the relationship between concentration of a person and the number of other people around him or her. Those results show us that less-student-classes would bring a lot of positive effect on our educational society. With the aspect of current education in Korea, which force students to study harder and harder in the cage-like bustling classes, students keep losing their interests on study and it would make our nation’s future with no expectation.

Secondly, I want to let the congress give more chances and benefits to the poor, so that the poverty would be removed in this nation. Getting rid of the huge gap between classes is the essential thing to make all the civils in Korea get rich and to develop the international impact and dignity of Korea. Also, the equality is one of the main elements of the democracy, so the congress has obvious reason to conduct this plan. The actual methods to achieve this goal are two. Firstly, charging more taxes on the rich people would make more equal society possible. Now in Korea, the poor people are getting poorer and the rich people are getting more wealth. By using Nobless Oblige, tolerance of the elite people in one society, we would solve the problem of this occurance in our nation. Moreover, the congress have to develop and activate the contribution system of our society. It would make the previous idea applied in this society more effectively. There are some opposite opinion that the Nobless Oblige insists the groundless argument. However, I believe that the wealth in one nation must have been allocated to every member of the society by unexplainable rule, and the people who got higher status have to use their power and wealthness to accomplish the society that everybody gets equal rights and chances.


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