I think the main disequilibrium of this issue is that the conflict between secularismists and Islamists because like what we see in the interview at the news, many Egyptian voters are hesitating with the problem of whom to vote. The candidates of secularism and Islamism have quite different way to think, and Islamism has more supporters then secularism. Moreover, if the Islamists win in this vote, whole country will be Islamized. Islamists emphasize the conscience into one’s mind, and stake all things on it. However, Egypt is just a small nation which maintains its people by the income from tourism. Islamists urge that Egypt has to pursuit economic nationalism, so that they oppose to allow the existence of interests in economical actions in the country, they oppose sales of public enterprises, and they tend to resist to the opinion of U.S. The resolution could be made it there made some harmony between two sides. Also, all candidates have to have their own thinking and opinion without relation whether they are secularismists or Islamists.


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