Digivolution tree of Agumon – one SAT style paragraph

Digivolution tree of Agumon

Usually, a digimon has fixed digivoltion tree.
Digitama – Fresh(Baby I) – In-training(Baby II) – Rookie(Child) (-most Digimon keep their appearance in this stage) – Champion(Adult) –Ultimate(Perfect) – Mega – Super Ultimate and further.


Digimon is one of the successful japanese anime through out the world. Most children knew about it, talked about it, tried to memorize informations about it, bought character gifts about it, played card games about it, and sang a title song of it. This made the huge sympathy around the world, and we cannot ignore the enormous effects that was given to the objective children that time. By analyzing the factors of Digimon’s succeed and instigating effects of it, I guess we could find what made the myth possible and what attitude should we have toward it. Therefore, this is really important for me to understand the tendency of popularity and its remained effects.


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