Hello world!

金 相 佑  (김 상 우) – means ‘help each other’

I could feel my parents’ love of me

that they want me to be a person who contributes his passion to the world.

Actually, when my parents were fallen in love and tried to marry, my father’s parents didn’t allow to do so.

However, the miracle was occured during that crisis. I was born.

At first, my fatherside grandpa didn’t make a name for me.

So my mother called me ‘飛 鳳 (비 봉) ; which means ‘the flying pheonix’ ‘

Several years later, I growed up to a curious little boy,

and after my fatherside grandparents met me, they agreed to the marriage of my parents.

So my family’s made, parent’s dream’s made, the fight’s disappeared, the miracle’s made.


King Jeongjo’s march

came in front of a woman

He bowed to her

and suddenly she woke up.

A boy with less breath

named be bong was born

He ended the fight

so friendly family was made

The birth of flying pheonix

The miracle of one family